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Time to Shine!

We offer a range of Touch-Free Automatic wash options to have your ride sparkling.

Prefer to wash your car yourself? Our self service bays have you covered.

For your interior needs, we offer vacuums, interior shampoo machines, and an abundance of cleaning supplies!

Want to show your car love every day of the month? Join one of our Wash Clubs!

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Touch-Free Washes

Extreme Clean.. $14

Ultimate Wash.. $10

Premium Wash.. $7

Basic Wash.. $5

About the Premium Wash
Undercarriage Wash & Side Blaster
2-Step Presoak
High-Pressure Rinse
Simoniz Clear Coat Protectant Wax
Spot Free Rinse

About the Ultimate Wash

Provides everything the Premium wash does plus..

Bug Blaster

Simoniz Polish Wax

About the Extreme Clean

Provides everything the Ultimate wash does plus..

Double soap passes and rinses equaling extra clean!

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Wash Club Options

Join our Wash Club to wash your car(s) at our automatic bays each day of the month!


1 Car Ultimate Wash Club $29/month

1 Car Premium Wash Club $19/month

2 Car Ultimate Wash Club $39/month

2 Car Premium Wash Club $29/month

The Details…

Available solely in our mobile app.
Three-month commitment.
Requires thirty days notice via email to cancel or will be automatically renewed.
Good for one car or two cars respectively. Your vehicle(s) must be registered.
Offer may be rescinded at any time for any reason without notice.

Thank you for being part of the best car club in the land. Protect your investment today.

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Self Service Bays

Timed Wash Provides

Tire & Engine Cleaner


Foam Brush

High Pressure Soap

High Pressure Rinse


Spot Free Rinse


Starts at $2 cash and $3.00 credit/debit

*Note for credit/debit charges, there is an $8 Pre-Authorization fee that self-corrects within 3-5 business days.

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